Virtual Retreats

Retreats are a big part of the lives of many Catholics. But sometimes things can keep people from attending them, including cost, time away from family and work, and so on. That's why we're offering Stand Tall Virtual Retreats.

Now, you can attend a dynamic, life-changing Catholic retreat in the comfort of your home. Or, ask your pastor if your retreat group can gather and participate at the parish. At our retreats, we thoroughly cover topics pertaining to faith and spirituality, and our retreats are also designed to meet you right where you are in life, wounds, traumas, troubles and all. Our goal is to help you look deep inside yourself and recognize the awesome beauty and worth you have as a child of God, and to be free from anything that is hindering your living out of your unique God-given purpose.

Join us for both on-location and virtual Stand Tall Retreats, where people come together to be inspired to “take another look at life.”

Our Stand Tall Pilgrimages to holy sites throughout the United States have been life-changing for many, and more are planned for the future. It is our sincere hope and prayer that by participating in and taking advantage of these outreaches, your love for the life God has given you will be greatly enriched and enhanced!


"At one point or another, most of us will know what it's like to feel "stuck". Fear of the future and dwelling on the past can paralyze us and cause us to lose sight of the present moment. Jerry Usher and Debbie Georgianni created the Stand Tall Life Coaching team precisely to address this critical need. Drawing from their years of experience in helping people through this difficult time, they will help you to move forward and live the life God planned for you!"

Gary Zimak
Catholic speaker, radio host and best-selling author