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Debbie Georgianni Headshot

Debbie Georgianni, M.A., Advanced Coach, Speaker, Writer

Relationships / Trauma / Crisis

(Catholic Christian Coaching)

Debbie strongly believes in a mind~body~spirit balance of life, both in ministry and in coaching.

She has suffered through many traumas, setbacks, and situations that were simply beyond her control so she understands what it feels like to lose all hope. She’s lived through crisis and has a unique ability to help others navigate it with humor and non-judgement. In spite of what life throws at you, you can come back, Dream Big and lived a blessed life and Debbie will guide you through it.

Felicity Hefton, MA., Advanced Coach, Speaker, Coach Trainer Life Transitions / Parenting / Personal Development (Christian-Based Coaching)

Felicity Hefton, MA., Advanced Coach, Speaker, Coach Mentor

Life Strategy / Confidence Builder / Crisis

(Christian-Based Coaching)
Felicity is passionate about assisting others to rise above the chaos of life, reframe hindering mindsets, and fully embrace all that life has to offer. Felicity has navigated through many unexpected and critical life decisions. With her intuitive listening gifts and strategic thinking skills, Felicity will help you focus and create a clear path forward. If you are ready to live your best life, with a clear intention, renewed confidence and sense of excitement then Felicity is your personal coach.

Lisa Jones Headshot

Lisa Jones, Holistic Life Coach

Personal Growth / Life Plan / Health & Wellness

(Catholic Christian Coaching)

Lisa helps men and women take concrete action so they can live a fulfilling life. Having gone through major illness and almost divorcing, she is passionate about making powerful shifts and shows up with her own vibrancy and vitality to make a difference in this world. Together, you will delve into honoring and fueling your health, body image, and personal growth, all while breaking free of limiting beliefs. Put yourself back in charge and celebrate living!

Martin Georgianni Headshot

Martin (Marty) Georgianni, Coach & Business Owner

Business Development / Accountability / Career

(Catholic Christian Coaching)

Marty believes he can help others navigate this thing called ‘life’ because he has witnessed, experienced and conquered many life challenges. Having supported himself since age 18, he learned the art of business and has been successful in Real Estate and Investments for the past 36 years. Marty believes that people must love what they do to be productive and fulfilled. He has a strong desire to assist others in finding their career path and finding success through goal setting and accountability.

Valerie McGaha

Valerie McGaha-Folmer, PhD., Coach

Mental Health / Addiction / Suicide & Loss

(Christian-Based Coaching)

Valeria knows first-hand the journey from hurting to healing. Growing up in an alcoholic and mentally unstable family, Valerie has overcome the challenges of childhood trauma and feelings of abandonment by utilizing spiritual guidance, emotional healing, and positive thinking. She is passionate about helping others discover their loving self and experience freedom from shame, blame, and guilt. In a nonjudgmental and very compassionate way, Valerie will assist you in releasing the pain and embracing wholeness.

Wendy Templeton

Wendy Templeton, B.A., CPC, CDRC, Coach, Speaker, Writer, Broadcaster

Chronic Illness / Soul Purpose / Perseverance

(Catholic Christian Coaching)

Wendy has learned that growing in virtue and grace requires daily surrender and a sense of humor. She is passionate about helping her clients tune into God’s voice and will help you navigate your challenges one step at a time. Through a Christ-centered coaching lens, Wendy will help you take a fresh look at your emotional, mental, behavioral, and spiritual self. If you are ready to pursue a life filled with peace, hope, and joy, talk to Wendy.

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Steve Pokorny, Coach

Pornography / Sexual Wounds

(Catholic Christian Coaching)

Many in our world are exposed to pornography at a young age. That is why Steve wants to help men and women embrace their God-given dignity as beloved sons & daughters of God and find freedom. More than 12 years a slave to the pornified culture, Steve knows firsthand what it’s like to be trapped in guilt, shame, confusion and self-hatred. He experienced a radical transformation of mind, heart & vision and now coaches others to find redemption from broken sexuality so they can live inside the divine will of God for their lives.

Sherry Brownrigg Headshot

Sherry Brownrigg, Appreciative Coach

Life Purpose / Strengths / God’s Will

(Catholic Christian Coaching)

Sherry knows first hand the journey to finding God’s Will in your life and the freedom and enjoyment that can bring. She weathered a number of storms, including the death of her father at age 5, breast cancer and her husband’s alcoholism. That is why Sherry is passionate about helping you discover how wonderfully you are created. Using Clifton Strengths©, Sherry will help you identify your strengths and talents, develop a plan to maximize them and live in a way that aligns with God’s Will for you.

Steve Motyl

Steve Motyl, Coach & Mentor

Men's Issues / Marriage Enrichment / Parenting / Teen and Young Adult Mentoring

(Catholic Coaching)

Steve's mission is to empower men of all ages (married/single/young adults/teens) to achieve clarity as to where they want to be in life and how to get there. It’s easy to settle for a life of mediocrity, but God created men for greatness. Sometimes we get overwhelmed and don’t know where or how to start. So, with fatherly encouragement and an authentic desire to see you become the man you want to be, Steve will coach you to dream, pray, plan, grow, and move forward transforming your life and enriching the world around you!


Maureen Shepherd, M.A., Coach

Alcoholism / Addiction / Grief Recovery

(Catholic Christian Coaching)

Maureen works with both the individual dealing with substance use and the families who love and want to support them. Having personally gone through the trial of walking alongside and losing a loved one to addiction, as well as her professional experiences in prevention and recovery. Maureen will shepherd you on your unique journey with compassion and hope. Together we explore the spiritual and family dimensions of this disease, push through the fear, shame and stigma and discover resources to reclaim the life of freedom God wants you to have.

Mike Folmer

Michael K. Folmer, Coach, Licensed Minister & Writer

Pornography / Addiction / Relationship Repair

(Christian-Based Coaching)

Mike helps individuals find fulfillment in their lives. As a cancer survivor overcoming personal challenges of physical pain, Mike knows life is precious. He also understands the value of a strong family having survived the painful crisis of his parents divorce at a young age. Mike’s dedication to his faith empowers him to practice the aspects of both wisdom and understanding. He has learned successful natural steps toward a better life and will help you do the same.


Matthew Cooney, Financial Coach

Debt & Financial Coach / Grief

(Catholic Christian Coaching)

Matt has a passion for helping people get back on track after unforeseen loss and financial struggle. Having been there himself, he understands how not being in control of your financial life can make you feel hopeless. So can losing someone close. He has also experienced deep personal loss and grief. His faith enabled Matt to persevere and flourish through challenging times. Get a whole new outlook on how optimism and organization will help you take control and start living life again.

Avera Maria Santos Headshot

Avera Maria Santo, Coach, Speaker, Writer

Finding Joy / Same Sex Attraction

(Catholic Christian Coaching)

Avera is passionate about helping people live a JOYFUL life because she lived a sorrowful one too long. Terrified and ashamed of her same sex attraction as a teenager, she suffered in silence for years until a dear priest friend invited her to know Christ, who first loved us. Now she helps both youth and their families find a joyful place in chaste love and virtue. She approaches coaching through the lens of God’s goodness and His gentle approach to each of us. Avera’s own joy will rub off on you, guaranteed!

Jerry Usher Headshot

Jerry Usher, Coach, Broadcaster, Spiritual Mentor

Catholic Christian Coaching

(Catholic Christian Coaching)

Jerry wants everyone to know how loved they are by God, and how they, too, can overcome anything. Jerry experienced the pain and trauma of his parents’ divorce when he was seven and three years later, was the victim of sexual abuse. As an adult, Jerry has gaining valuable spiritual insights for how to move forward with interior peace and deep joy, in spite of the wounds of the past. His desire is to help you overcome life’s obstacles and live the full life God has for you.

Stand Tall Life Coaching…Featuring A Talented, Devoted, Experienced Team Of Professionally Certified Coaches Who Want To Help You Reach Your Maximum Potential And Live An Abundant Life.

Stand Tall Life Coaching

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Stand Tall Life Coaching already boasts a number of very capable, caring individuals to help you ensure that your life is operating smoothly and you are experiencing your maximum potential. But this is just a start. In time, we hope to have dozens of amazing individuals people can select from as their personal life coach. If you believe you have what it takes to become one of our expert coaches, please contact us and we can get the conversation started. This may be a great way for you to impact many lives, while at the same time earning extra income to meet your own personal needs. We look forward to hearing from you!

Are You An Aspiring Life Coach?

"I have been so blessed by my conversations with Mrs. Wendy Templeton. She has helped me see myself from a different perspective. Through the conversation with Wendy, I’m starting to see new ways of facing the things about myself that have given me so much trouble in the past. Wendy has provided mentorship in a compassionate but not patronizing way. She has been a true friend. I can talk to her about my faith and my struggles without feeling alienated or judged. She has been a true blessing from God. Jesus picked the right one for me! Thank you for your help, truly appreciate it!"
~ Janie

"Working with Debbie has given me the confidence I needed to embrace my past and pursue my dreams that have been on hold for so many years. Each session with Deb infuses me with HOPE and the knowledge that God has a unique mission for my life!"
-Mary Beth, Long Island, NY

"I was feeling a bit overwhelmed with all of my ministry commitments and other things. Lisa happened to be in the right place at just the right time. She assisted me quickly in hitting the "reset" button of my life. Just speaking with her and the questions she raised, allowed me to process and see things properly without the unhealthy emotions. I am so grateful to Lisa, her devotion to her practice, and her years of experience."
~ D.G.

"Debbie Georgianni is a very enthusiastic life coach who provides excellent moral support. Debbie's encouragement and belief in her clients are very important in assisting clients to accomplish their goals. She is also very professional with a client-friendly appointment schedule."
– Mary, Fairfax, VA


"St. Ambrose was a mentor, a “spiritual life coach” to Augustine. With Ambrose help, Augustine excelled in his faith to become a Saint and even a Doctor of the Church! No matter where you are on your faith journey, know that God has placed people of good will, spiritual leaders in your life to help you follow the narrow path towards Heaven. See what you’ve been missing, and choose a life coach from this list of renowned Catholic spiritual guides to help you find the peace, hope and love that only comes from God!"

Tom Peterson
EWTN TV Host, Speaker, Author
Catholics Come and pro life

"The mission of Stand Tall Today is important in our often demoralized world. I hope it can serve to remind people that every day is a gift and an opportunity to grow in gospel virtue in the Light of Jesus Christ. As I pray the luminous mysteries I am often inspired to realize that the incarnation of Jesus Christ has given every human life the potential of being luminous, full of light and grace. May the efforts of Stand Tall Today help many to embrace the Light of Christ which has overcome the darkness of our world."

Bishop Joseph E. Strickland
Diocese of Tyler

"Jerry and Debbie will help motivate you to be your best. It is time to realize your potential and be all that you can be!"

Fr. Cedric Pisegna, C.P.